Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

One thing I wanted to do for a long time :'D

Haha since I finished the aceo card thief of stars I wanted to show the progress, because I feel like kinda... finally somehow get how watercolours are working. XD
lol you may feel free to doubt that but I still am really proud of the outcome. Primarily because I managed to finish it without my usual fails like spoiling water all over it, choosing wrong colours or let my brush or worse let an open copic drop on the picture :'''''D
Good ol' clumpsy me always ruins pictures like that XD

So at first I start with a sketch... lol this is essential And because I'm a lazy old bummer, I always sketch on the watercolour-paper I want to paint later.Not the most professional way, but for me it works quite ok... just have to use a very soft eraser and don't push that hard when drawing. ^^°No background visible, but I have an idea how it should look like in the end.

Then I add first colours. Try to set a colour scheme and try to define where to add which colour later.
It's quite messy so far but it doesn't have to look too clear at this point. :)
I also added the BG-sketch.

Then adding further colours. Trying to get how the light works (haha don't mind that because I failed this point in the end anyways XD)
I always do the shadows in a different colour... not only a darker tone of the basic tint. I think it looks more vibrant and versatile this way.

More shadooooooooooooooows *rhoar*
finished the body nearly completely and started doing the hair... Ohhhh how I hate painting hair! DX
I cannot manage to find the right style for my taste.
I also started to work on his trousers.

At this point I started working on the Bg... doing the clouds over the skyline and tried to define the tree behind my goblin and also started to work on the bench.
Though still worked on his skin and on his hair after that, but sorry I forgot to take photos ^^°

Finished version with highlights also set... sorry I'll try to take a photo from in between the next time ^^°
I really like the finished version, even though the shadows aren't right... but at least it's the emotions that count, isn't it?

And finally, because you were so nice and didn't klick the tab away...
Merry Christmas!!!
Have nice holidays and be nice to each other. ;)

Next post will come up next year... someday lol 
Meanwhile for a nice and cozy fluffy feeling, have some cat ;)