Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

One thing I wanted to do for a long time :'D

Haha since I finished the aceo card thief of stars I wanted to show the progress, because I feel like kinda... finally somehow get how watercolours are working. XD
lol you may feel free to doubt that but I still am really proud of the outcome. Primarily because I managed to finish it without my usual fails like spoiling water all over it, choosing wrong colours or let my brush or worse let an open copic drop on the picture :'''''D
Good ol' clumpsy me always ruins pictures like that XD

So at first I start with a sketch... lol this is essential And because I'm a lazy old bummer, I always sketch on the watercolour-paper I want to paint later.Not the most professional way, but for me it works quite ok... just have to use a very soft eraser and don't push that hard when drawing. ^^°No background visible, but I have an idea how it should look like in the end.

Then I add first colours. Try to set a colour scheme and try to define where to add which colour later.
It's quite messy so far but it doesn't have to look too clear at this point. :)
I also added the BG-sketch.

Then adding further colours. Trying to get how the light works (haha don't mind that because I failed this point in the end anyways XD)
I always do the shadows in a different colour... not only a darker tone of the basic tint. I think it looks more vibrant and versatile this way.

More shadooooooooooooooows *rhoar*
finished the body nearly completely and started doing the hair... Ohhhh how I hate painting hair! DX
I cannot manage to find the right style for my taste.
I also started to work on his trousers.

At this point I started working on the Bg... doing the clouds over the skyline and tried to define the tree behind my goblin and also started to work on the bench.
Though still worked on his skin and on his hair after that, but sorry I forgot to take photos ^^°

Finished version with highlights also set... sorry I'll try to take a photo from in between the next time ^^°
I really like the finished version, even though the shadows aren't right... but at least it's the emotions that count, isn't it?

And finally, because you were so nice and didn't klick the tab away...
Merry Christmas!!!
Have nice holidays and be nice to each other. ;)

Next post will come up next year... someday lol 
Meanwhile for a nice and cozy fluffy feeling, have some cat ;)

Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Just random thoughts about drawing etc

Now that I have some spare time because of a bad cold I started thinking about the artsy stuff I'm doing... again... like so many times before.

Don't be put off, this won't be a whiney whiney posting about how bad I am in general... it's more about the impression that my skills kinda degenerate because I don't use them in a proper way or more likely because I'm not willing to push my limits even once in a while.
I don't mean my pictures get worse as a whole and in general, but I do get the impression that although I don't draw that much, my skills in drawing are evolving somehow while my paintingskills get worse.

I remember a time when I had fun pushing my limits and increasing my skills and so I got better in using copics and water colours and I felt that my pictures were able to transport these feelings. I liked playing with lightsources and it went all smoothly while painting and I didn't care wether the outcome was realistic or if the lightsources were working right.

But these days more and more I don't want to push my limits because even with standart-colours and lights etc I feel so overstrained that the fun is gone in an instant when thinking about painting.
Maybe it's because I "know" too much about how it should look like in theory to use it properly when painting for real or maybe it's just that darn self-doubt, everyone has once in a while?

Do you know that feeling? What's your impression? Is it just my mind that's going weird or is this something one can see when looking at my pictures?

I would be very pleased if one or another artist would like to share his thoughts about this issue :)

Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

A new post just to lighten up the drawing-posts with some sewing stuff and a bit of slice of my life... which is very sunny because of the weather at the moment.
And because it's sunny, my dark red nasturtium has begun to bloom! :D
The colour is really beautiful and I want to share it just because I can. ;)

Lately the bag of a friend (as coincidence wanted it to be, the one who has given me this beautiful AND edible plant XD)  has gotten a bit shabby, so I decided to sew her a new one, you can see here:

The lining is made of green silk, which feels quite awesome and I really fell in love with this fabric!
I don't need to mention, that silk always feels great, but this one is a bit special... it feels like a mixture of wild silk, which usually is more rough textured and normal silk which some of you probably had touched for silk-painting.
The bags mearurements are ~35x24x14cm :)
It's big enough to carry some groceries and the shoulder-strap is very broad so heavy weights don't cut into the flesh :)

And I also made this little fellow here with the rest of the green silk:

It's a bit smaller than the bag I showed before, just perfect for any activity when it's not necessary to take a big bag with you :)
Measurements: ~20x15x8cm
The shoulder-straps are individually adjustable :)
The size is quite perfect for even a bigger wallet, your mobile phone, keys and other bits and pieces :3
It's for sale for 20€.
If you're interested you certainly know how to contact me :)

And here a little bit kittycat, also because I can and because it makes a purrfect closing for any text ;)
After all, kittehs are always favoured especially when there are four paws on one picture >D

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Some WIPs

Finally after months, I felt like drawing again. 
Vampire-Eretica, a nice girl from deviantart ordered an aceo about... dunno over a year ago?
So I took advantage off this urge and made a sketch... which I saw was no use at all, because the perspective of the body would have made it impossible to blend in a pendant, like I did in the card, she originally wanted to have. :)

Here you can see, my sketches aren't sketchy at all lol
When I draw manga-stuff, all lines have to be quite clear before I do the lining. :-/
Only rarely the sketches I do vary from that formula.

After the lining was done.
I only made little adjustments like on her clothes, added some flowers and oh yes, I added her right hand :P

And finally with a touch of colour, yet. :)
I asked for the favourite colour of the client and she said, she likes green... which perfectly fits with my own liking <3
Hope there won't happen any accidents during the rest of colouring X__X

So finally the second sketch, which was originally the first but unfortunately rejected sketch.=)
Still like it though and it will be finished.
A Maxi-Aceo, but I'm not sure up until now, what I'm gonna do with it, when it's finished <3
Suggestions are highly welcome! 

Montag, 7. Mai 2012

The first post...

... probably is the hardest.
But Vogeloed kicked me off to use this blog I built some time ago.

Here I will post things I do in my leisure time.
This will probably mostly contain drawings, sketches, random wips or even finished artwork which I don't want to upload in other galleries. 
Sometimes I'll post about sewing-stuff from cosplay to workaday clothes, about new things I bought or that I have seen anywhere and that I'd like to share... haha and beware it may also happen that I will post about stupid, fancy senseless out-of-context thingies which you don't even (need to) understand. %D
Please don't be put off... I promise this won't happen too often. ;)
I will try to post in english and also to answer in english if there are any questions but I cannot promise that german posts are impossible to happen ;)

So to start off and make at least some good use of this blog, I'll show some of the sketches in my sketchbook <3

This one was meant to become the header of this blog buuuuut... didn't manage to finish it.
I should probably redraw it, because I still like her  :-/

Two pages from my sketchbook... older ones with some mistakes but still like those

A drawing I started out of boredom... but never managed to finish it although I still do some strokes now and then :-/

And the last one for no XD
*spamming with all the stuff accumulated over the last months*
I really like to design costumes for fighting characters and this one was strongly inspired by cassandra from soul calibur. <3 She has really beautiful clothes designed.
It's very light but I hope you can see all the details anyways. 

Soo that's it for now... up to new drawings! <3
Hopefully with some colour soon :>