Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Just random thoughts about drawing etc

Now that I have some spare time because of a bad cold I started thinking about the artsy stuff I'm doing... again... like so many times before.

Don't be put off, this won't be a whiney whiney posting about how bad I am in general... it's more about the impression that my skills kinda degenerate because I don't use them in a proper way or more likely because I'm not willing to push my limits even once in a while.
I don't mean my pictures get worse as a whole and in general, but I do get the impression that although I don't draw that much, my skills in drawing are evolving somehow while my paintingskills get worse.

I remember a time when I had fun pushing my limits and increasing my skills and so I got better in using copics and water colours and I felt that my pictures were able to transport these feelings. I liked playing with lightsources and it went all smoothly while painting and I didn't care wether the outcome was realistic or if the lightsources were working right.

But these days more and more I don't want to push my limits because even with standart-colours and lights etc I feel so overstrained that the fun is gone in an instant when thinking about painting.
Maybe it's because I "know" too much about how it should look like in theory to use it properly when painting for real or maybe it's just that darn self-doubt, everyone has once in a while?

Do you know that feeling? What's your impression? Is it just my mind that's going weird or is this something one can see when looking at my pictures?

I would be very pleased if one or another artist would like to share his thoughts about this issue :)

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