Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

A new post just to lighten up the drawing-posts with some sewing stuff and a bit of slice of my life... which is very sunny because of the weather at the moment.
And because it's sunny, my dark red nasturtium has begun to bloom! :D
The colour is really beautiful and I want to share it just because I can. ;)

Lately the bag of a friend (as coincidence wanted it to be, the one who has given me this beautiful AND edible plant XD)  has gotten a bit shabby, so I decided to sew her a new one, you can see here:

The lining is made of green silk, which feels quite awesome and I really fell in love with this fabric!
I don't need to mention, that silk always feels great, but this one is a bit special... it feels like a mixture of wild silk, which usually is more rough textured and normal silk which some of you probably had touched for silk-painting.
The bags mearurements are ~35x24x14cm :)
It's big enough to carry some groceries and the shoulder-strap is very broad so heavy weights don't cut into the flesh :)

And I also made this little fellow here with the rest of the green silk:

It's a bit smaller than the bag I showed before, just perfect for any activity when it's not necessary to take a big bag with you :)
Measurements: ~20x15x8cm
The shoulder-straps are individually adjustable :)
The size is quite perfect for even a bigger wallet, your mobile phone, keys and other bits and pieces :3
It's for sale for 20€.
If you're interested you certainly know how to contact me :)

And here a little bit kittycat, also because I can and because it makes a purrfect closing for any text ;)
After all, kittehs are always favoured especially when there are four paws on one picture >D

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