Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Some WIPs

Finally after months, I felt like drawing again. 
Vampire-Eretica, a nice girl from deviantart ordered an aceo about... dunno over a year ago?
So I took advantage off this urge and made a sketch... which I saw was no use at all, because the perspective of the body would have made it impossible to blend in a pendant, like I did in the card, she originally wanted to have. :)

Here you can see, my sketches aren't sketchy at all lol
When I draw manga-stuff, all lines have to be quite clear before I do the lining. :-/
Only rarely the sketches I do vary from that formula.

After the lining was done.
I only made little adjustments like on her clothes, added some flowers and oh yes, I added her right hand :P

And finally with a touch of colour, yet. :)
I asked for the favourite colour of the client and she said, she likes green... which perfectly fits with my own liking <3
Hope there won't happen any accidents during the rest of colouring X__X

So finally the second sketch, which was originally the first but unfortunately rejected sketch.=)
Still like it though and it will be finished.
A Maxi-Aceo, but I'm not sure up until now, what I'm gonna do with it, when it's finished <3
Suggestions are highly welcome!