Montag, 7. Mai 2012

The first post...

... probably is the hardest.
But Vogeloed kicked me off to use this blog I built some time ago.

Here I will post things I do in my leisure time.
This will probably mostly contain drawings, sketches, random wips or even finished artwork which I don't want to upload in other galleries. 
Sometimes I'll post about sewing-stuff from cosplay to workaday clothes, about new things I bought or that I have seen anywhere and that I'd like to share... haha and beware it may also happen that I will post about stupid, fancy senseless out-of-context thingies which you don't even (need to) understand. %D
Please don't be put off... I promise this won't happen too often. ;)
I will try to post in english and also to answer in english if there are any questions but I cannot promise that german posts are impossible to happen ;)

So to start off and make at least some good use of this blog, I'll show some of the sketches in my sketchbook <3

This one was meant to become the header of this blog buuuuut... didn't manage to finish it.
I should probably redraw it, because I still like her  :-/

Two pages from my sketchbook... older ones with some mistakes but still like those

A drawing I started out of boredom... but never managed to finish it although I still do some strokes now and then :-/

And the last one for no XD
*spamming with all the stuff accumulated over the last months*
I really like to design costumes for fighting characters and this one was strongly inspired by cassandra from soul calibur. <3 She has really beautiful clothes designed.
It's very light but I hope you can see all the details anyways. 

Soo that's it for now... up to new drawings! <3
Hopefully with some colour soon :> 

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